How to Teach the Present Continuous to ESL Students

Most of the students face a lot of difficulties while understanding how to understand the subtlety of something that happens around us. While introducing any tense it is very important to provide as much context a possible with the use of appropriate time expression such as now, currently and now. How to Practice Present continues - You must use a timeline for illustrating the fact that present continuous is used to express what is happening now. Huntington Learning Center of Abington the idea of the Present continues can be used to show what is happening at that moment but around the wider moment.

You must contrast between the verb "to be "with the other verb and "king" should be added to the verb in the Present continuous tense. You must design comprehensive activities for explaining what is happening now. It will be very helpful for the students to make an understanding of the Present continuous tense. you can also use Present continuous worksheet with the appropriate time expression and quizzes contrasting present simple with the present continuous might be very helpful as well.

Present continues Lesson Plan example - Talk with your class about what is happening and make sure to use your sentences with appropriate time expressions such as "at the moment" and "now." Ask your students simple questions like what they are doing and try to get students to provide correct answers in a relaxed environment. Discuss pictures hanging around the classroom walls and write a few sentences on the whiteboard.

At the end of the discussion, you must ask about the different sentences or Questions. Get student input on the differences between the two forms. Help students understand as necessary. Make sure to point out the differences in time expression and use between the two forms. After making all effort if your children still make grammatical mistakes visit Huntington Learning Center of Abington, to get the best tutor services for your kids.